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The Saree Buzz Everyone Is Talking About

The Saree Buzz Everyone Is Talking About
Photo by Sabesh Photography on Unsplash

This Monday came with not just the morning blues but a million other shades and painted Twitter trending. A very intriguing hashtag, #SareeTwitter caught fire on Twitter. It broke the internet by Tuesday morning, flooding the microblogging site with amazing saree snapshots. From actresses to influencers and political leaders, everybody took to Twitter and flaunted their saree styles. Another hashtag, #SareeSwag joined the party and is still a trending tag on Twitter. 
Here’s a sneak peek to the fashion frenzy that took the traditional tags by storm. 

Below is the congress leader and great politician Priyanka Gandhi and her beautiful self in a saree.



Here’s a picture from 1936 of Indian pilot Sarla Thakral dressed in an amazing saree. These traditional outfits have always stayed evergreen and so stylish and ahead of its time.



Saree has stolen the show this week and has put us all in awe and appreciation of this distinct clothing, which has been keeping the Indian traditions alive for centuries.

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Written by Pallavii Gupta

I am a writer and blogger from Delhi. I love writing about social issues, travel, fashion, and entertainment. Letters can make a difference, words can change lives.
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