5 Beauty Tips Must For Monsoon

Even though each rainfall brings joy, memories, a break from the heat, and that unforgettable heart-warming fragrance of the earth, it does bring along the horrors of humidity. Wavy hair, hyperpigmentation, skin rashes and most of all the pesky pimple outbreaks are absolute nightmares. So here are a few magic beauty tips to avoid these monsoon misadventures, and keep yourself glowing and glamorous. 

Humid Hair Hack 

The humid weather can wreak havoc on your hair, and let me tell you even Monica Geller needed serious help with those. Flaunt your natural hair texture, scrunch up those curls and flip out those waves instead of trying to tame or straighten it. The best way is to use the following home-made recipe twice a week, for silky smooth, yet naturally gorgeous hair. Put 1 tablespoon of coffee in 5 tablespoons of coconut oil and mix it well, add 3 tablespoons of curd and stir. Make sure the mixture is thick. Apply it in your hair and leave for a minimum of two hours. Wash it off with shampoo, followed by routine conditioning. A few drops of hair serum would seal in the smoothness of your hair. Voila! You’ve gotten strong, frizz-free, shiny yet silky smooth hair. You can actually feel the difference in the first time itself. 

Pesky Pimple Outbreaks 

Lets not even get into the details on how pimples can ruin your life. Not only are these zits painful but also leave marks on the skin. Monsoon season adds on to the misery by acting as a breeding ground for them. Your skin is likely to get oily due to the humidity and hence, give rise to these mini day-ruining devils. The most classic tip is to opt for a gel-based face wash and water-based, matte moisturizer and foundation. Also, always apply a little dash of face powder to let it absorb any oils on the face. A very effective pimple minimizing tip is to use this concoction of natural products. Put half tablespoon of cinnamon powder in naturally extracted aloe vera, or a tablespoon of aloe vera gel. Mix well and apply on the inflations, leaving overnight. Though it does sting a little, it is worth a try. Cinnamon helps in absorbing excessive oil and aloe is used to soothe the skin. Use for instant relief. For those with extremely sensitive skin, using cinnamon powder or garlic extract mixed with toothpaste can also work wonders. 

Skin Rash or Eczema

Not oy does the humidity cause itching and rash it can take serious forms of skin ulcers and eczema. Eczema is a type of skin rash which causes the skin to become inflamed. The rash is usually red and itchy and the affected areas become dry and scaly. To prevent skin rash, avoid wearing tight clothes and accessories and staying wet for longer spans. In case of skin allergies and rash use the following natural combinations and heal your skin. The most effective is a combination of 1 to 3 tbs of olive oil, with 1 tbs of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of honey. Apply over the affected area and remove post half an hour of application, with a gentle water rinse. Another very effective way is using 1 part oatmeal powder combined with 2-3 parts of yogurt, 1 tbs of olive oil and baking soda and 1 tablespoon of honey. This can be applied as a face mask too. For additional catalyst support squeeze one capsule of Vitamin E and see the wondrous effects. 

Hyperpigmentation Horrors

Unfortunately, concealer and color correctors cannot shield you from the unrelenting shadows of hyperpigmentation. Those dark patches on your skin, marring your self-esteem, are caused by increased production of melanin in your skin. Escalating in monsoon, these hyperpigmentation levels can be tormenting. Using 2 to 3 capsules of Vitamin E mixed with glycerine or castor oil applied twice a week for half-hour can play magic. Another alternative is grating a potato and applying it over the areas. Let it sit for about 15 minutes, then massage in a circular motion and rinse. Repeat twice a week for escalated effects. 

Dry, wrinkly or chipped feet. 

Monsoon’s spell can prove a disaster for your feet. Stepping into puddles or getting caught in the rainstorm can lead to wrinkly toes and fungal infections, as well as chipped and ugly nails. Severe situations can cause the athlete’s feet. Wash your feet with warm water and try using antiseptic disinfectants. Another way if the feet are infected is to apply coconut oil and avoid keeping feet in moist places. Keep your feet healthy by using 1 part of cornmeal, 1 part of coffee, with 1 tbs of sea salt and mix it well with almond oil. Scrub your feet well, and repeat it twice a week. 

These beauty tips are sure to make your downpour disasters go away with the falling rain.

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Written by Pallavii Gupta

I am a writer and blogger from Delhi. I love writing about social issues, travel, fashion, and entertainment. Letters can make a difference, words can change lives.
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