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These 4 Herbs Will Keep You Warm in Winter Naturally

Our kitchens offer us incredible herbs that help us naturally in many ways.

Winter season is just around the corner and during these months it is important to keep your body warm not only from the outside but also from the inside. There are certain herbs and spices that you can consume to keep your body warm naturally. You can incorporate these herbs and spices into your daily diet via foods or drinks. Not only do these herbs help you keep warm but also have extra added health benefits. 

Here is a list of 4 herbs that can be easily found on your kitchen counter.


This ingredient is easily available in our kitchen and does not need a special introduction to its uses and benefits. A simple way to make this ingredient a part of your daily diet is by consuming it in the form of tea. Not only does it helps in fighting a cold but also helps with indigestion and joint pains. 


This herb is believed to be a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It has so many benefits that it’s not possible to list them all at once. There have been studies that prove that the Rosemary herb can fight allergies and boost the immune system. Apart from providing protection against cold this herb promotes hair growth, its strong smell can help those with anxiety, stress, mood swings, and digestive problems. You can incorporate this herb into your diet by consuming it as tea or by using it for garnishing. 


This herb is another such herb that needs no introduction in the Indian subcontinent and tops the other herbs because of the range of medicinal properties it provides. Tulsi has anti-bacterial properties that help you fight allergies and relives breathing problems. It is also consumed as a natural immunity booster because of its anti-ageing properties. The benefits do not stop here. Tulsi is also good for the heart and for people with diabetes. For consuming this herb you can add it to your tea or get it in powder form from the market. 


Cinnamon is a good source for boosting your immunity and helps you to fight infections that you are prone to during winters. This herb also helps with the health of your heart and has anti-oxidant and anti-diabetic effects. You can consume it by grating or making a powder out of the sticks and adding it to your morning tea or coffee. 

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