Challenges Faced by Women Entrepreneurs

Women strive to thrive in their entrepreneurial journey, amidst many challenges and problems.

The course of entrepreneurship has changed over the years and more women have come forward and became a part of this world. They have developed this new attitude where they have become unstoppable and have occupied their spaces in all industries trying to make it big each day. We have also observed changes in people’s attitudes towards women making their own lives and building their careers to the fullest. But is it that good?

Women Entrepreneurs

We may have made progress but there are certain challenges women entrepreneurs are confronted with to be on the race. We are here to discuss some such challenges faced by women entrepreneurs and let the world know that no matter what life threw at them they have come a long way and cheers to that!

1. Little or No Education

This is one of the many challenges that women entrepreneurs face. Little or no education can make them unaware of the world and confront them with problems they may find difficult to tackle. Lack of education also gives them less exposure which makes it difficult for them to understand how the industry works and develop skills that are required to run a business. The absence of proper knowledge can hurt their business.

2. Inefficient Funds

This is one of the most major challenges women face when they step their foot in the entrepreneurial world. Any business, big or small needs sufficient funds to start. Needing money for a business is the same as needing petrol for your car to run. Neither can happen without its source and this is how important having sufficient funds is. Maybe not all, but most women do not have access to some extra money, property, or assets which they can use as an investment for their business. The entire process of procuring the funds is more difficult for women entrepreneurs compared to their male counterparts.

3. The Industry Is Male-centric

The entrepreneurial world has been male-centric for a long time now and even though things have begun to change, not everything has changed. For years women have been assumed to have roles inside their house and men outside. A sudden change in wave has in an obvious way given rise to an unsettling feeling. Women are judged based on this assumption than their ability and skills that are more fit to consider. They are confronted with a lot of unasked judgments for having the courage to build their careers and bias at the workplace that is simply unfair and does not provide them with the opportunity they deserve.

4. Being at Two Place at Once

Yes, we are talking about work-life balance. The expectations from a woman have always been different from a man. A woman is assumed to play a primary role in household chores and while running a business it becomes a problem to take care of both with equal efforts. Working mothers always find themselves torn between striking a balance in their professional and personal life. Taking care of household chores along with a kid is non-stop job and running a business efficiently along with it becomes difficult. However, with changing times many men have also started taking part in household chores equally and became the support the women in their lives needed.

5. Not Getting Enough Support

The entrepreneurial world is like a rat race. Stepping foot in this world can become extremely difficult if one does not have proper support and guidance. Women who enter without a strong support network often find themselves doing everything all alone. It is important to have mentors or people who can guide you in the right direction and help you to get through your problems. It often becomes problematic for women who do not have family or friends acting as their backbone which makes it even tougher for them to fight their battles.

While so many reasons stand in front of us today that occupy major challenges faced by women in the entrepreneurial world, there are so many women out there who have outshined themselves. They have become a better version of themselves and became role models to many.

A voice so strong that it preaches nothing but true and transparent dedication for what you want. We as women have come a long way, but the fight to the day where there will be no article on how women fight their way to the entrepreneurial world will be the end of it all. Kudos to all those women for breaking free from the set “norms” and making it all on their own.

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Written by Urvashi

With a degree in media science, I spend most of my time writing, trying to explore the content world with a wish to make it big someday!

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