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Review: Samsung CE104VD-B Microwave Oven

Microwave is very convenient gadget in everyone’s kitchen. We often get confused while choosing the right oven. Samsung CE104VD-D Microwave is an affordable product which comes under the budget who wants to opt a Microwave for their kitchen.

In our review we have seen many positive things about this microwave and it also comes with 4 cooking stage and the best part is it also comes with child lock which will also gives peace of mind to all working women

What Brand Claims

Samsung Claims the latest version of Microwave Oven comes with trio Convection has increased efficiency with Triple Heating System that improves cooking performance. Offering faster and stronger cooking solution to enjoy more even and delicious food.

What She likes

Ceramic Enamel which makes cleaning easy.
Only Microwave oven with triple heating system.
Its compact, takes less space in kitchen .
Built in speakers
The LED display is bright which scores one step ahead of other brands.
Its affordable compared to other brands which is available in the market .

What She hates

It’s Heavy.
Its bit noisey while comparing other brands.
Looks are not that good compared to other good looking Microwave’s in the market

Our Take

Samsung CE104VD-D is priced at Rs 13,390 its best to check on buy various online shopping portals who are offering better deals and goodies so before buying we recommend you to check with your local vendor and see who is offering a good deal and go with it.

What do you think?

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