The Poncho Style trend in 2013

Have you ever thought of trying the poncho style? Well, there are various ways in which you can give this style a try. And if you have gained a little weight, hide it with a poncho and go trendy. Here we show you the different apparel in which the poncho style has become a latest trend among the youth of India.

Poncho style tops

These never go out of trend and in 2013 these are preferred mostly for parties. These also come with trims and hoods. Poncho tops are also available with cut-out sleeves. These come in materials like lace, chiffon, cotton and silk. Now choice is yours. The price of these is near about Rs1, 250.

Poncho style sweaters

Make winter a little hot for the guys. Wearing a poncho style sweater on jeans, skirts or shorts makes you look super sexy. You can also go for the cropped poncho sweater if you wish to reveal your waistline. These sweaters come nearly for Rs3, 309.

Poncho style frocks

These are elegant full length dresses or sometimes go till your knees. They are made in of chiffon and sometimes silk. These are apt for parties. These are well designed dresses that are available for nearly Rs.4000.

Poncho style suits

Indian dress is now coming with a fusion style by introducing the poncho style in suits. These suits are made of chiffon, georgette or lace so that the design looks prominent and the dress gets a great shape. There is no need to go for the hassle of carrying a dupatta. So walk freely in style. Prices of these suits go near to Rs4500.

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