Revamp Your Den Before It’s Too Late

Those “wows” and “stare of eyes” of friends on an entry in your house brings a great smile on your face. The colours you put on the walls, the furniture you select for the show, and the lightings you like in a row can be the imaginative part of someone’s life but you can have them with some planning in your renovating budget and with bit of knowledge of the limitations of renovations. A timely renovation can save you from incurring huge losses both to life and property. The cases of buildings collapsing have witnessed an alarming rise, a problem that has plagued the nation since quite a few years.

There are more than 50,000 cooperative societies in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

The alarming issue is that currently out of these old buildings, not even 10 per cent structures undergo structural audit although strict municipal regulations exists in this regard. Out of these Co-operative Housing Society (CHS) in Mumbai, around 15,000-16,000 urgently need repairs according to CA Ramesh S. Prabhu, Chairman, MSWA.

With an endeavor to encourage CHS members into initiating timely structural audits and repairs, Dr. Fixit from the House of Pidilite – the Waterproofing Expert has launched an initiative which focuses on “Building a Healthy Society” by raising awareness about the need of timely planning of repairs along with right diagnosis and expert solutions for the surface area. Dr. Fixit helps to conduct the right diagnosis which helps in building healthy societies and thus solve problems faced by homeowners such as dampness and leakages.

Generally, people look for the shortcuts while renovation but the bottom line is, you’re going to get what you pay for. So buying cheap material will not help you out, instead, you will lend into trouble later. Along with this, mostly people skip the prep (pre-preparation) work which is useful and helpful for saving the time later on down the way so it’s been mostly suggested that prep work shouldn’t be avoided in the renovation. Renovating your home can be a challenging process. With an assessment of cost, materials, components and finishes, select work you intend to do now. Allow your architect to narrow the field of choices to products appropriate for your house and style.

One can opt for Dr. Fixit that uses various State-of-the-Art techniques such as Non-Destructive tests and Concrete Petrography for evaluating existing concrete structures to measure the strength of concrete and if they need be replaced or rehabilitated. The technologies that are used not only detect water leakages in buildings but also provide analysis and interpretation of test results along with recommendations for remedial waterproofing.

While renovation, one should keep this in mind that the usage of wrong tool should be abstained at best because labours can wreck the tool, they can wreck the project and they can wreck themselves also. Ashish Prasad, Chief Operating Officer – Construction Chemicals, Pidilite Industries Limited, Dr. Fixit, said, “Sub-standard construction practices, water leakage in homes and over-enthusiastic renovations by society members often lead to structural damages in a building. Our society needs to be aware that our buildings need maintenance and it is necessary to address the early signs of deterioration to the structures. Water seepage causes corrosion, distress, breaks the marriage of the concrete to the steel and that weakens the structure.

Another problem which one needs to take care of is the spacing and the interiors to be put there. Not to get those spaces crowded one can go for less but bold fixtures to be used. With this, a person always asks for the things which are going to stand the test of time. So, trendy and latest things are advised to ignore if you want to have something that should last for years and years.

“Dr. Fixit, being a waterproofing expert provides end to end repairs and waterproofing solutions along with the right diagnosis of the problem. Building maintenance requires the right diagnostic tools and the right technical knowhow. We provide unique specialized solutions for each surface area as one solution cannot fit all of them,” Prasad added.

Further, ‘Bigger is always better’. This policy should be adopted when it comes to hallways and stairs as halls are meant only to get the great number of people together therefore; staircases and hallways should be dominating. Along with this, when it comes to the specific tastes then one should ensure that it doesn’t get mixed up with any other combo, otherwise, it will create a mess. If you like those new Spanish stylings of house then go for that in whole. Don’t try to mix it with any other culture otherwise it will bring gross feeling instead of glimpses.

Moreover, in countries like India where people are diversified by culture and religion, mostly take care of VAASTU. The Vastu structures are founded on a Vastu Purusha Mandala. This mandala is an energy pattern for the seed form of all matter. It maps out the structure of the universe: subatomic to macroscopic.

However, it is up to the interior expert and people if they support this mentality of the denizens or not.Hence, its very important to refurbish your nest before nature wrecks havoc on it. Make your house a “home sweet home” with Dr Fixit. You’re welcome!

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