Recipe: How to Make Scrumptious Rice Flour Rings

Still fascinated about those yummy onion rings..then try this all new innovation-delicious and lip smacking rings made of rice flour.We bring to you the recipe of this delectable treat to pamper your senses at home.Rice Flour Rings

• 1 Cup rice flour
• 1.5 Cup water
• Salt to taste
• Oil to deep fry


1.Boil water and salt in a pan.

2.Pour the rice flour at centre of the pan in the form of a heap and fix a wooden stick or rolling pin at the centre. Bring to boil without disturbing the mixture.

3.Simmer the flame and boil for 10 more minutes. Then turn off the flame.

4.Slowly stir with the stick or rolling pin to form the rice flour dough.

5.Pour a spoon of water on top of the dough and close the lid. Keep aside for 5 minutes.

6.Transfer the dough to a plate and knead well using a little amount of water to soften it. Alternatively, to avoid lumps wet your hand now and then while kneading. Make sure to knead the dough while it is little hot.

7.Roll the dough in the form of a tube and divide it into equal partitions.

8.Roll these partitions in the form of tubes of 10 – 12 inches length having 1 centimetre thickness.

9.Bend the rice tube thrice to form the rings (preferably three layered).

10.Press the dough firmly at the start and the end of the ring.

11. Heat oil in a deep frying pan and slip 5 -7 rings slowly in batches. Fry till the top layer is crisp and light yellow colour.

12.Remove from oil and place them in a sieve to drain excess oil.

13.Use a tissue to absorb the excess oil.

14.Serve these hot and tasty White Rice Flour Rings with coconut chutney.


White rings has a crispy crust but is soft inside.
Do not fry too much as it turns hard.
If the rings break while twisting the dough, then add little water and knead well.

This recipe has been shared by food blogger Srimathi Gangadhar who loves to experiment new recipes in her kitchen. Do share your feedback about this recipe. If you have any request for new recipes do let us know via comments !

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