Ways To Erase Your Unworthy Ex From Your Life

When you end it up with your man he certainly becomes an unfortunate fellow unworthy of your precious time. So why mourn over the break up? Or are you clueless about how to erase him from your life? Well, then here give you some tips that might help you move on and erase the man off your life.

Ways to erase your unworthy ex from your lifeErase means erase all:This is a severe move that you should execute. This refers to erasing the guy’s pictures, contact numbers, mail ids and even his Facebook profile.

Start loving yourself: At the initial stage of your break up, you’ve got to be selfish towards yourself. When loving someone proved fruitless, why not love yourself. This takes your mind off the break up and the guy.

Work hard:Drown yourself in your work and in working out. The stress of the work field and the sweating keep you fit and happy. The workout helps you be in good shape thereby adding to your confidence.

Dump all:When you have been dumped, why keep his gifts? You had once received gifts from him, give them away to poor children or just dump them at the garbage.

Erase common friends:These common friends later on prove to be bastards. Well, there are common friends who keep their word of treating you both as air tight compartments, but why take the chance? Before they pass information about the happenings on your life to your ex, just erase them too.

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