Preparing for an Interview

We are constantly in need of interview advice, whether for jobs or for study programs. We hear such advice over and over again but we still like to listen to more. Interview advice is given by any and every person. And most of the time they are quite scattered and cannot be put into a structure. Here is an attempt at the top things you need to remember while preparing for an interview:

Forget your inhibitions

This is where most people falter at interviews. They are usually too nervous and worried that during the actual interview they fail to deliver the right answers to the questions being asked to them. Truth is, you can worry all you want before you step in for your actual interview but once you are in there nervousness will do you nothing good. You need all your presence of mind and quick thinking in an interview and worrying is highly counterproductive!

Know your subject

The best way to feel confident is to know your subject very well. This could be either your field of work or your specialization in your field of study. In both cases you will be asked and grilled about what you claim to know, and the better you are prepared with the answers, the more confident and comfortable you will feel answering the questions.

Pay attention to the vague questions

All questions of an interview are important, so don’t think any of them are unnecessary. The question may be too simple or even irrelevant, but it’s probably the interviewer is trying to understand more than just the answer. He or she may be trying to gauge how to comprehend your ability to analyze things thrown at you or how you process and respond to questions. A simple question you will always face is ‘tell us something about yourself’. This question needs some preparation as it is what sums you up in your own words, and very important.

Clarity is key

An interview in most cases is a stranger to you. Your job is to help him judge you well in a short span of time. And this is a difficult task. So be clear on what you want to convey about yourself and what are the important points about you would you like him to remember. Work on that. Clarity is essential, so work towards it.

Ask when needed

When in doubt, ask. Most interviewees are too preoccupied with answering questions that they often forget that they have the right to inquire about the job or university they are applying to also. After all both parties have a right to choose the best for themselves. Sometimes it is also possible that you cannot grasp what the interviewer is asking you. Don’t worry about clarifying in such cases. It’s better to ask then to answer the wrong thing.

All the best then!

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