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Review: Olay Age Protect Anti-Ageing Cream

Anti–aging creams have become the talk of the town, especially with the average household women and young budding teens under constant pressure to look young. The most appealing of this effort makes women turn to what may appear to be a quick fix- the anti-aging cream.

What the Product Claims:

Olay Age Protect anti-ageing cream is a simple anti-ageing solution. Its key ingredient is Beta Hydroxy that stimulates skin’s natural renewal process to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, lighten dark spots and improve the overall skin tone. Within 4 weeks, with regular use, the skin would appear more radiant and visible younger.

What She Likes

1. Completely nourishes and moisturises my dry skin without turning it oily.
2. Didn’t irritate my skin or caused any breakouts as such.
3. Gives a nice radiance and glow to the face .
4. Priced decently for the quantity, being an anti-ageing product. (especially since it is from Olay)

What She Hates

1. Might feel a bit irritating on humid days (especially for those with Oily Skin…it seems stickier).
2. Doesn’t eradicate all the spots (but then it claims only to lighten them)

Final Take

If you have dry skin, then your skin would really feel good with its use. But it might feel a bit sticky for the oily skin. Don’t expect a miracle in a day. Its prolonged use will yield effects. I really liked it, and would recommend…until I come across something even better. Till then…..

What do you think?

Written by Smita Diwan

Smita Diwan is a Media & Communication evangelist with 15+ years of steady growth. She has served across diverse verticals of Broadcast Journalism, Corporate Communications, Digital Media and Public Relations. A fitness enthusiast, Smita devotes her ‘rare’ free-time to yoga and meditation. As she strongly believes that the right balance is the key to steady growth.

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