6 Innovative Bookshelf Ideas

Books are wonderful friends. Don’t you think they deserve to be amazingly displayed in your living room? Yes, they certainly do. Here we tell you about 6 innovative bookshelf ideas that will make your living room look unique and also wonderfully house your books.

Heavy iron piping

Thick iron pipes fitted in zigzag fashion gives a modern urban look to the living room. It can serve as a wonderful shelf for your light as well as heavy books. You can paint the pipes in the same colour of your wall or can also go for a contrast colour.

Equilibrium bookcase

This bookcase catches attention as it triggers the sense of surprise and amusement. In this design the cantilevered modules are stacked one on top of the other at a single angled point. Its tilted compartments allow books and magazines to be kept in an organised fashion. You don’t need bookends to separate your sections.

The book tree

The book tree is a wonderful way of stacking your books. This tree can have many shelves. Just like a tree the main trunk grows thicker at the base and thinner upwards. The more shelves you have the more number of books you can stack.

The Kartell Bookworm Shelf

This design has been created by Ron Arad. Here an artist’s creativity combines with technology. Here the extrusion technology has led to the making of a curvy bookcase that assumes the desired shape and also does not compromise with the strength and functionality of the shelf.

Read your book case

This is an entire bookshelf where pieces of woods are fitted to makes the following words, reminding you to read the books that have been stacked in the shelves.

The Wha Cabinet

This case resembles the head of a question mark. The curve of the question mark has divisions within it allowing a good number of books to be stacked. It has a light fitted at its upper end so that the reader can read without bothering the household.

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