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This Menstrual Hygiene Day, Let’s Bust Some Myths!

It is important to talk about menstrual hygiene as it is one of the major health concerns among young girls and women.

Menstrual Hygiene
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Menstrual hygiene day is celebrated every year on 28th May to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene and educate people on the concerned topic. Are you wondering why it’s specifically 28th? The significance of this date stems from our repetition of monthly cycles every 28 days on an average basis for 5 days and hence the month May was chosen to celebrate this day.

It is important to talk about menstrual hygiene as it is one of the major health concerns among young girls and women due to limited knowledge and menstrual products available to women belonging to all sections of society. There is a certain stigma that surrounds menstruation and it’s about time we burst them for you.

Menstrual Hygiene : Busting Some Period Myths

1. Myth: “When you menstruate you are impure. It is best to avoid places of worship, entering the kitchen, and keeping your hands off anything sacred”

Fact: Menstruation is a normal process and it is your body’s way to deliver the message that you’re a healthy woman. There is nothing toxic or impure about period blood and it is completely normal just like vaginal secretion.

2. Myth: “Period pain is normal. There is nothing to exaggerate about it and you should get on with your day-to-day activities”

Fact: Period pain or cramps is no joke. It is real and the intensity of pain differs from person to person. Infact, some people have it so worse that they find it difficult to get on to their day-to-day tasks. There is also a medical term for this known as dysmenorrhea and women who suffer from this experience intense period cramps. This may also have additional effects on mood and concentration issues.

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3. Myth: “You should not talk about menstruation or menstrual products openly. It can be a matter of embarrassment to mention it in front of male friends or family members”

Fact: There is no shame attached to menstruation. Do you think twice before telling someone you have a bad stomach ache or caught a cold? Then there is no difference when it comes to your periods. Even when buying menstrual products don’t feel shy to ask the shopkeeper what you need or try to hide it by covering the product with layers of packaging. There is no shame to openly talk about menstruation even with your male counterparts. It is just a topic of awareness and a normal body process. It’s time we normalise it.

4. Myth: “Take ample rest and avoid working out”

Fact: There is no harm in working out when you’re on your period. Infact, some exercises can help you with the cramps and make it bearable for you. Light exercises and some yoga asanas can prove to be good for unbearable cramps. Keep in mind that there is no hard rule, and it all depends on what suits you the best!

To all beautiful women out there, spread the word and let’s promise to use this day to the fullest to aware the unaware and make a change!

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