Make more room with the smart storage ideas

In today’s world everybody is faced with a scarcity of space. This is perhaps due to the rising population in every country. But the needs of life never change. The necessities rather increase with time and at one point of time you see yourself with no space to keep your things. The house becomes crowded with supplies that you cannot afford to do away with. What do you do? Smart storage is the only way out of such a situation. Let us see what the various ways of smart storing can be.

Smart kitchen storage ideas

If you have a kitchen island you can take away the door form the lower cabinets of the island to store essential items like crockery and knives, 2) Make a vertical pull-out system on the side of the cooking for storing spices and oils. This vertical pull-out facility keeps the items at your eye level, 3) Use pegboard inserts in your drawers to keep your plates and bowls in an organized fashion. The peg can be sized so that different sizes of plates fit in, 4) Keep a slender pull-out arrangement beside the cooktop which will contain paper towels and linens so that the mess after the cooking can be cleaned easily, 5) Attach slender piece of stainless steel that artful storage space for spices, utensils and other essentials for cooking. This keeps the cook top area clean and the necessities within reach as well, 6) A corner kitchen cabinet with a pull-out metal shelving facility helps you store food and other retrieve cooking items like utensils, 7) Keep a cast iron hanging pot rack above the centre island. This helps the utensils to dry easily and saves space in the cabinets.

Easy storage for cosmetics and jewellery

Use mini loaf plans to store beauty essentials like make up brushes, sponge, nail polishes etc., in separate compartments. Hang your bracelets and necklaces on a paper towel holder beside your mirror. This saves space in your drawer.

Hang the magazines

If you have a spare hanger, use it to hang the magazines from the middle one on top of the other. No need for space on book shelves for magazines.

Space below the stairs

Use up the space below the staircase to make a series of drawers there. The numerous drawers provides you with enough space to either store documents or you can even keep your show pieces or souvenirs there to deck up the area. You can also use the space a book case.

Window seats with drawers

If you have window seats in your living room, make drawers below the seat where you can store items like dishes and bowls or linen as well.

Wooden ladder as shelf

If you have a wooden ladder, paint it with color that suits the room you want to keep it in. Use it as an effective shelf for hanging your towels or even your dresses.

There is no end to innovative ideas about storing. Sometimes you have to give up vanity though. All you need to see is whether is serving your purpose of saving space. It’s fun to arrange your household with smart storage facility. You feel happy when you get the extra space that you had been looking for. Happy storing!

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