Artificial Preservatives Food Or Poison?

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, fast food and ready-to-cook meals seem most convenient to consume. However, a good deal of artificial flavours, synthetic colours and preservatives are used to prepare these items in order to preserve the flavours and freshness and also to increase the ‘shelf life’. But are these safe? Artificial Preservatives

Synthetic preservatives are known to be blamed for tumour growth and hit the nervous system. Certain research studies link them to infertility in females and also a weakened immunity. They may cause weight gain and stomach discomfort. Be it noodles, refined bread, tomato sauce or jam, just imagine how much processed do food we consume everyday! At times, we suffer from severe allergies and we don’t even know the root cause. These are harmful for kids and the trouble is these synthetic preservatives easily past the safety tests of regulatory bodies.

So, how do we avoid all these side effects? The answer is relatively simple. Limit/reduce the consumption of processed foods. Avoid ready-to-eat stuff as much as possible. If you feel tempted, have them occasionally. Choose food stuff that contains natural preservatives like jaggery, sugar, salt or vinegar. A small change would go a long way in making a significant difference to your’s and your family’s health.

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