Innisfree olive range comes to India

Do you swear by everything that’s natural when it comes to skin care? Then what better than olives! Be grateful to Innisfree, the South Korean beauty and skincare brand that has come up with it’s all new olive based skincare range for the first time in India.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]The Range[/highlight]

Innisfree believes in eco-friendly products and brings to you the best of natural ingredients straight from the island of Jeju. Innisfree has so far re-imagined a total of 10 Jeju ingredients as cosmetic products, such as green tea, sea mustard, volcanic stone, citrus peel, green beans, canola, camellia, Jejubija (nutmeg), Gotjawal phytoncide, and green barley.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]It’s latest range has olives as it’s base and is worth trying.[/highlight]

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-green” ]1.[/highlight] Innisfree Olive Real Skin 180ml Rs800
This skin emulsion made from organically grown olives gives the skin some much needed nutrition. Your skin feels clear and hydrated. Use it as a base twice a day after cleansing your skin. Though it tends to leave the skin a little stickier but the skin does feel fresh.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-green” ]2.[/highlight] Innisfree Olive Real Essential Oil EX Rs1500
This is a highly enriched essential oil with no extra added ingredients. Mix it with body lotions or creams and apply. It is very effective and leaves your skin soft and supple giving it a natural glow.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-green” ]3.[/highlight] Innisfree Olive Real Power Cream 50ml Rs1200
Rich in antioxidants and vitamins this is a radiant hydrating cream that has nourishing nutrients. It moisturises your skin and also protects it from damage. Though the cream is a little thick but it does not feel oily.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-green” ]4.[/highlight] Innisfree Olive Real Eye Cream 30ml Rs1300
In an attractive green packaging, this eye cream leaves a long lasting effect and is perfect to get rid of those tired and saggy eye bags.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-green” ]5.[/highlight] Innisfree Olive Real Oil Mist 80ml Rs700
Use this skin toner before applying make up and feel hydrated and fresh all through the day. It is very light weight and improves make up adherence.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-green” ]6.[/highlight] Innisfree Olive Real Essential Serum 50 Rs1500
This is a balanced nutritional double layered serum with organic olives for intensive restoration of dry skin. Works great and is a must have for winters.
Try the range today. It is worth investing in and what’s more, it comes in the cutest package ever!

Product available at the Innisfree Store, Khan Market. New Delhi

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]Why Olives?[/highlight]

Olives are one of the best known natural ingredients globally recognised for skincare. These are rich in antioxidants and vitamins, hence repairing damaged cells of the skin effectively. Olives, whether eaten or applied, give you a healthy glow and leave you with a younger looking skin.

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