The Great Indian Wedding Gift Dilemma – WSL Helps You Pick

The first reaction to a wedding is absolute excitement but soon after the dread of picking a gift (apart from picking our outfits for the wedding of course 😉 )for the soon to be married couple sets in. When it’s easy, it’s boring, but when it’s creative, that’s when the tough gets going.

WSL presents to you ideas that will make your wedding gift shopping, so much easier!


Home, yes. But conventional, oh hell no! It’s time to do away with things like toasters, mixers, grinders, coffee, tea mugs, and etc. These are things that the bride and groom are possibly going to buy anyway, while setting up their new home. What they will not pick up, is however, things that they might consider luxuries for the home for kitchen. Example: Waffle maker, fondue pot, coffee machine and so much more. The list is literally endless, there are chances the bride and groom, or any other guest would not have picked it up, and you know the newly married couple will love it! Win, win and win!


Things are always better when they have a personalized touch and weddings gifts are no exception here. Even something ordinary can be made special by going that extra, personalized mile. Take for example, champagne glasses which seem like a regular gift. But inscribe the couple’s wedding date and initials on them and you have taken it to a whole new level. Similar things can be done with so many more things : cushion covers, coasters, bags, watches, etc. In fact, you could even make a whole basket of assorted personalized gifts!cushion cover


Weddings are expensive, and honeymoons after the large celebration don’t really help the wallet’s cause. If you know the bride and groom well, this is a gift that could really help the bride and groom. Speak to them and see what are their plans for the wedding or honeymoon and then pitch in, for the same. Hire a photographer for their wedding, or an invitation card designer, or pick up the tab for one night at the hotel they’re staying in for their honeymoon. It might be a little uncreative or boring as compared to the rest of the ideas, but it’s easily one of the most useful one from the bride and groom’s perspective.


Any newly married couple dreams of spending their forthcoming years together, and celebrate many milestones in the process. And here is a gift that toasts to that. Pick up 4/5/6 bottles of wine or champagne (as suited to your budget) along with two glasses. Each bottle is to be opened on a certain milestone. Example: 1 year anniversary, 5 year anniversary, 10 year anniversary, 25 year anniversary and so on and so forth. Attach a note to each bottle as to when it is to be opened. You of course, don’t have to stick to wine or champagne and can go with other drinks too. Just make sure they do not come with an expiry date. Here’s celebrating the marriage, and not just the wedding!wine


Weddings are great, but incredibly tiring too and even more so for the bride and groom. Besides, there’s the stress too, that doesn’t just start at the wedding, but a whole 6 months prior to it! Can you possibly imagine how exhausted the bride and groom will be by the end of the whole wedding? Which is why, a spa voucher makes so much sense as a gift. You could either give the voucher for a certain amount or for certain services like the couple’s massage. While the idea here is to help relax the bride and groom immediately after the wedding, make sure the voucher is valid for at least 6 months.Spa Treatment

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Written by Vigya Atri

I've always enjoyed writing but the professional route to it happened by chance and I'm loving it! I literally have a billion dreams, one of which is to own an amusement park someday! I love to eat and often dream about pizza in my free time.

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