5 Reasons To Watch Penguins of Madagascar This Sunday

The penguins are back, and this time on a new adventure, in their very own movie!. We’re bringing you 5 reasons to watch the movie today.

1.Because it’s just the break you need!
In the middle of this fast paced, full of stress life we lead these days, Penguins in Madagascar provide just the opportunity for that perfect entertainment break we need! The movie is adorable, with a simple plot and makes way for just the laughs the doctor ordered.Penguins of Madagascar

2.Because We Finally Get To Know How The Quartlet Got Together
We finally get to know the “untold story” of how Skipper, Rico, Kowalski and Private got together. Let’s face it, we love the boys and we have ALWAYS wanted to know!

3.Because Malkovich is absolutely brilliant
Not only is he absolutely brilliant as the villain of this story, he also has a weakness for using laugh invoking puns, bound to make you chuckle.

4.Because it’s octopus vs. penguins
Nor is that a sentence you hear every day and neither is that you see something every day! So it only makes sense to not miss this epic battle!

5.Because.. .Penguins!
Like, who doesn’t love them!? Penguins are adorable in every way possible and we’re not just talking about regular penguins here. We’re talking about the much loved quartet. That’s like a double bonanza for any viewer!

Bonus Point:
Because it’s technically flawless! The animation, the editing, the locations, all are absolutely perfect!

What do you think?

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