Footwear Trends at Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2014

Lakme Fashion Week winter festive 2014 saw Aprajita Toor collaborate with her third designer to create bespoke footwear that we feel set the shoe trends for this fashion week.

Aprajita Toor endeavors to be a perfect amalgamation of contemporary trends and deeply etched Indian traditions. An MBA marketing graduate that went on to become a jewellery technologist, her curiosity to discover more with an eye for design and its sensibilities stoked her to venture into reviving traditional art and transforming them into a statement .

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On the first day of fashion week we saw Aprajita’s creations that took over the runway as she collaborated with some of this fashion weeks favorites. Her shoes were spotted on Neha Aggarwals models as she showcased her “Niola Doa” collection. The collection explores the origin of self individuality by analyzing ones root of existence. These aesthetics have been aptly captured by use of fabrics like leather, suede, organza, textured jute and linen incorporated in the complex creation of exaggerated silhouette structuring.

We also saw a play of colors and fabrics as she made her presence at the Gen next stage that went beyond bespoke footwear . Her shoes helped bring totality in some form to each model that dawned her contemporaries’ designs.

Gaurav Jai Gupta is known for his engineered sarees and clever play of color in his designs. “Simple and minimalistic was the idea of my shoes this fashion week inspired by wooden jhootis. We also made sure the shoes were edgy, Aprajita has done a great job. She is very talented, it was a great collaboration as our designs complimented each other”, he stated. His collection “Meen” saw Toor’s wedge leather platforms grace the stage giving his collection the right blend of simplicity yet keeping it edgy.

On the second last day of fashion week we saw Aprajita’s creation hit the ramp for ‘Love Birds.’ The collection projected a functional approach to the simple, minimal and contemporary lifestyles. We saw straight lines, boxy, comfortable and effortless silhouettes with pastel undertone coloring.

A new entrant into the fashion space; only one season old, Aprajita Toor has surely made her mark this fashion week 2014 having collaborated with three designers that are each unique in their own space.She stated, “I am very excited about my collaborations and customized bespoke creations that were made to enhance the garments beyond just pieces of clothing and make them into a fashion statement” .

This has allowed fashionistas to see varied bespoke styles of the label ‘Aprajita Toor’ collection on the runway giving her a head nod from the fashion forward attendees.

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Written by Smita Diwan

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