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Halloween Horrors; Tips to Bring the Horror Home

The dark spooky nights, the creative costumes, the smell of pumpkin filling the air and the ‘trick or treat’ shenanigans, Halloween is one of the most beloved festivals of the west. Travelling through time and cultures, it has now been acknowledged all throughout Asia and orient.

Carving pumpkins into scary emoticons, preparing delicacies from carrots, pumpkins, peaches and pluots, buying yummy treats designed and themed on fiction and sipping the ‘magic’ infused booze, that’s the spirit of a contemporary Halloween. But with this stressful and round the clock busy life, clocking out hours for a costume party just seems insane. To work down this intense argument between wanting to have fun and staying home to rest, here are a few tips to a lazy yet fun Halloween.

Call the party home

No need to travel miles in a filthy yet proud costume for a lousy Halloween bash. Call an intimate gathering with a few of your best buddies and have the time of your life chilling at home. Order in, dress up vague and just laze around the couch hanging with friends.
One can also ditch the usual and call in for a total social detox party and enjoy all by oneself.

Feast of the beasts

For the pure stubborn souls ordering in is the best way out, but the ones wanting to invest a little effort, cooking some of those easy-breezy Halloween recipes like pumpkin pie or banana bread or ghost cookies and Bloody Mary syringes will make your Halloween feast festive yet simple.

Dress to impress self

Well if it would be an intimate gathering then one’s worries for a perfect costume are needless. Just pull out an old rob, cut a few holes, put on a little makeup with shaky hands and you are all good to go. The best part about Halloween, even if you mess it up, it would keep looking as effective. For the ones going solo, one can always go for dressing up a little and getting a few social media-worthy clicks.

Netflix, if you will!

Cuddling up under a warm blanket sipping hot cocoa and binge-watching some spine chilling horror flicks is the most amazingly lazy yet fun way to celebrate your Halloween this year. For the ones calling on for at-home parties, having everyone sit together to watch horror films and trick or treating in between would be none the less the most enjoyable experience. Veronica, Apostle, In the tall grass, The third eye part 2, The boy, Headcount, The ritual, Mohawk are few movies that will spice up the spookiness and add those much-needed jump scares to your lazy Halloween.

Spooky shopping spree

This might be a bit unusual, but shopping is a proven therapy for relaxing the mind and releasing stress. Not only it is the time for fall fashion to create a buzz, but also for those massive clearance sales that break the e-commerce markets every year. Taking this advantage, one can also treat oneself by actually shopping and not spending time adding stuff to the cart that you might won’t ever buy.

These tips might really prove helpful for all those busy folks who might want to sneak in a getaway this holiday season. Happy Halloween!

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Written by Pallavii Gupta

I am a writer and blogger from Delhi. I love writing about social issues, travel, fashion, and entertainment. Letters can make a difference, words can change lives.
Instagram: @kiiaxraa

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