Diet to avoid the onset of kidney diseases

Kidney disease can strike any time. This often happens when you do not take much care about what food you are including in your diet. Yes, you can simply avoid the onset of kidney diseases by adding some foods in your diet and avoiding some. Let us see what foods you need to add and avoid at the same time.


Cabbage: This is a cruciferous vegetable full of phytochemicals that break up radicals and fight diseases like cancer in bladder, breast, colon, lung, ovaries and prostrate. It is also a good source of vitamin B6, C, K and folic acids. Cabbages can be boiled in the microwave and enjoyed with cream cheese and butter with a dash of pepper.

Garlic: Not only does garlic work to protect the kidney, it also prevents plaque formation on the teeth, reduces inflammation and cholesterol. You can use in the powdered or minced form, in the bottled form or even fresh. Add garlic to pastas, vegetables and meat dishes that you prepare.

Red bell peppers: This is a perfect item to be included in a renal diet. It is low in potassium and rich in vitamin A, B6, C, fibre and folic acids. It protects the body against cancer as it contains lycopene which is an anti-oxidant. Red bell peppers can be had raw, as appetizers or as snacks. You can use them toppings on salads or sandwiches.

Apples: Apples help reduce cholesterol, chances of cancer, prevents constipation and the heart against diseases. It is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds and fibre.


Phosphorus containing foods: Avoid foods that contain phosphorous like dairy products, peanut butter, liver, nuts and Cola. Also avoid winter squashes, broccoli and hard candy. Phosphorous absorbs calcium from the bones and so patients require calcium supplements if they having any of these foods.

Protein containing foods: It is a hard job for the kidney to filter proteins. Too much of protein intake results in some unfiltered protein remaining in the bloodstream. This unfiltered proteins become urea which make the patients falls sick. Avoid having poultry, meat, milk and eggs.

Processed foods: Spices and food items that are processed like frozen dinner and soup packets are high in sodium. Sauces used for steak and barbeque are high in sodium and may be in potassium too. So read the labels before you use any of these.

So, these foods are saviours in a way as they keep you away from unwanted diseases. Love these foods and enjoy a healthy life.

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