Dress up your home with wooden furniture

Wood is good. Wood has the natural glamour that makes your living room looks lively. There are several ways in which you can use wood to give a touch of class to your house.

Picket fence for hanging pictures

Instead of going for the common style of framing your pictures you can get a wooden picket fence spanning across the wall and stick your pictures on it. The fence gives the wall a different look and it also serves the purpose of displaying your pictures.

Painting on old wood

You can give your living room a classic rustic look by getting a picture painted on wood. A picture painted on four wide old wooden planks with rugged edges looks classic.

Reclaimed wooden beams

Paint the ceiling in white or in any light colour and get dark wooden beams fixed. They stand in contrast to the colour of the ceiling.

Wood moulding

Wood moulding across the wall gives the room a different appeal. It stands out in any colour applied.

Reclaimed wood as backdrop for paintings

You can fix reclaimed wood on one side of your living room from ceiling to floor. This acts as a beautiful rustic background for your paintings.

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