Work Out Ideas at home !

  1. Get rid of remote control that turn into couch potato.
  2. Get into the habit of doing push-ups crunches or working out on a stationery bike or a treadmill while you are watching television.
  3. Try Simple floor exercises,which you used to do at your physical activity classes in school.Try using a rope when you are at home.
  4. Chat on a cordless phone than stationery can work while you converse
  5. Work out,as you are about to do your routine chores.
  6. Try working out at a fast pace.while bending over you washing machine or dishwasher,keep your posture straight and your abs tight to stretch and work your abdominal muscles.
  7. While you are lifting anything around the house,imagine you are weight lifting.You can even do few repetition of the same.
  8. Sweeping floors,dusting,fixing windows,scrubbing sinks,toilets can burn your calories.Keep your joints health,remove stiffness and make your body flexible.
  9. If you have kids the best way to loose your weight is to by running behind them,by playing with them.This way you can work on all your muscles.
  10. Stretch,walk,jogs while you are waiting for lunches and dinners to cook and your laundry to finish.
  11. Go for walks after your dinner to to aid metabolism

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