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All That You Need To Know About Being A Mommy Blogger

Over the last few years, the blogging world has grown massively and the number of mommy bloggers have has seen a BIG rise and it isn’t just numbers anymore. It’s a whole community!

Wanting to join the community but confused? We give you the complete low down on mommy blogs!

So, What Are They?

Mommy blogs, are (obviously!) blogs run by mothers who take to these platforms to speak and document their journey of being a mom!


What Do They Talk About?

Mommy blogs talk about everything and anything related to being a mom. From finding a good doctor, to the silly things their kids do, to serious issues about raising children and everything in between! A lot of mothers blog about their regular days also, and we think it’s a wonderful way to document a time that is never going to come back!

Ultimately, it all really depends on the kind of blog that you want for yourself. How much you want to share and the experiences you want to write about.


Don’t Be Intimidated

When it comes to parenting, there’s often no “one way” to do something. There can be multiple ways and what may work for you, may not really work for some one else. So here’s the thing – it can be intimidating because practically everyone around you is going to be sharing information and there are big chances it will leave you confused, dazed and questioning yourself. The trick here is to not let it get to you and don’t ever feel pressured to get in on a fad just because everyone else is doing so. Use your discretion.


It’s A Helpful Community

Once you find your friends and circle, the mommy bloggers are much like a virtual family. They’re all in it together and the more the merrier. The things that you are going through, they’ve either already experienced it, or already experiencing it.

Often, only a mother knows what she’s going through and there are certain things your husband, parents, in laws or sister may not understand but your blogger friends will. And the best part? There’s a whole lot of support!


Be Smart When Sharing Images


If you are sharing information and photos about your child, keep in mind that things on the net stay forever. Be wise and if you feel that anything is even the least bit inappropriate to put up on the digital space, don’t.

Also, if you have an older child, roughly 8-9 years or older, try to keep the photos limited and respect the child’s privacy if they aren’t too keen about appearing on your blog. There are a lot of mums who limit photos of their children once they older and/or make sure they run the photos/posts by their children before posting.


So How Do You Start?

The first thing would be to think of a few names for your blog. Do you want to go by your own name, or something different like “The Happy Mom” or “The Delhi Mom” or.. you get the hint!

Choose a blogging platform. We suggest either Google powered Blogger or WordPress and get started. Psst… no money needed to set up a basic blog.

Start following a few other blogs.

Start posting!

PS: Make an effort to converse and engage with other bloggers you find interesting.


Few Popular Indian Mommy Bloggers


The Mom Views




Ladies, if you start a mommy blog, or already have one, let us know in the comments below!

What do you think?

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