8 Instant Ways to Get Rid of the Party Hangover

Life is drab without partying and celebration. However, partying comes with side effects and one of them is the hangover. Most of us get excited when it comes to partying. We are hardly cautious about the possibility of a hangover that leaves us drowsy, nauseated and with blurred speech. It becomes quite difficult to get back to work the next day. Here we are providing some tips so partying does not take its toll on your professional life.

Hangover causes dehydration

To fight dehydration you need to drink lots of water. Depletion of water happens after intake of alcohol and if you do not have water adequate water supply you also gulp down fruit juices that are available. This restores the sugar levels to normal.

Eat foods contain high amount of fructose

These are baked products, pasta or cereal grains, breakfast cereals, dairy products and egg products and there are lots many. Keeps these handy before you leave for a party. These products help in faster burning of the alcohol. Eggs contain amino acid cysteine which helps in breaking down the toxins causing symptoms of hangover. You can also try some soup.

Warm bath

It makes you feel refreshed and helps you get rid of the body aches and the alcohol headaches.

Sleep well

In case you have had less of sleep the night before the party a good sleep might also help you get rid of the stress of the party too.

The magic also lies in ginger ale

This drink fright nausea and sooths the stomach which makes you feel better. You can take this as an alternative to water.

Avoid smoking

Smoking worsens a hangover. It irritates the stomach and makes you feel worse.

Vitamin B complex

B complex tablets help in fighting party hangover. If you have some tablets take them immediately.

Tips for bloodshot eyes

Hold to your eyes a chilled and damp facecloth for about 20 minutes. For puffiness and dark circles hold damp and cool tea bags or rather cucumber slices to your eyes for about 15 minutes.

Partying is fun. But you should also know how to fight the outcome of partying. Disadvantages should never pull you back. The best option is to be cautious to make life even more enjoyable.

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