6 Strange Beauty & Spa Treatments From Around The World

So we all know about a fish pedicure – the one where tiny fish nibble away the dead skin on your feet. It’s definitely bizarre, but in the world of beauty, that’s pretty much nothing. We bring you 6 super strange beauty and spa treatments from around the world.

Warning: Be prepared to be grossed out!

Geisha Facial aka Bird Poop Facial
Popularized by Posh Spice and Tom Cruise, this Japanese facial contains nightingales’ droppings and is said to be extremely beneficial for the skin, especially in smaller fine lines and acne scars.

It is said that this beauty treatment was first used by the geishas in 17th century and hence the name.Birb poop facial

(Image via pixshark)

Snake Massage
A popular treatment in several countries, this one involves having pythons (with their mouths taped) or in some cases, other kind of snakes slithering across one’s body. This is actually said to have a therapeutic effect! Too bad most of us would be too scared to ever try, to actually know how therapeutic.

Snails On Your Face
What is it with these treatments and slithery animals? This beauty treatment involves a few snails and your face! The snail slime is said to contain antioxidants and nutrients which are helpful in keeping it young.

Vampire Facelift
This one is slightly creepy as it’s technically a facial with your own blood! First, your blood will be drawn, then it will be treated to take out a few elements and finally, it will re-injected in your face! Apparently, it helps keep the wrinkles at bay and rejuvenates the face!Vampire Facial - Beauty Treatement

Bull Sperm Treatment
With so many bizarre beauty treatments for the skin and face, how could hair be left far behind?

This treatment, provided at a spa in London, is exactly what it is –bull sperm for the hair. It is said to deeply condition hair and leave them soft and thick!Bull Sperm treatment

(image via

Beer Bath
If this list has left you a little queasy and uncomfortable, here’s one that is definitely not so bad – imagine being in a tub full of beer! The popular drink supposedly has several benefits for the skin and hair and is a very famous treatment in Czech Republic.

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Written by Vigya Atri

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