4 Ways for Cleaning Greasy Kitchen Appliances

Grease has always been a part of the kitchen. It is impossible not to splatter grease while you are cooking with it. But the cleaning of grease from kitchen appliances is essential as it keeps them clean and also makes repeated usage of the appliances to be easy. Cleaning the grease is also part of the maintenance of the appliances. Here are some easy and effective ways that you can employ to clean the grease from your kitchen appliances.

White vinegar

This is a liquid that works magically on sticky grease on stove tops and appliances. Collect some vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it on the sticky grease. Let the liquid get absorbed and then wipe off the surface with a dishcloth or a thick paper towel. If you are using a scrubber it should be a non-abrasive type.

Baking soda or corn starch

Soak a kitchen sponge with some water and sprinkle some baking or corn starch on it and rub on the grease. A circular motion helps cleaning the dry oil easily. Baking soda is a non-abrasive cleanser.

Dish-liquid the dissolves grease

There are dishwashing liquids available in the market which help in dissolving grease. Soak a dish cloth in hot water and pour the dishwashing liquid on it. Always use the circular motion while rubbing away the sticky grease and dried oil.

Grease for the grease

Apply some grease on a paper towel and rub it on the greased area. When the stuck on grease is softened and removed to some extent you can easily use a dishwashing liquid or kitchen cleaner on it.

It is interesting to know the various uses of things that we use in the kitchen. Isn’t it interesting to know the magic of baking soda apart from its part played in making a wonderful cake? There are various ways to make life easy. Shoo away the grease from your kitchen now start splattering again. Happy cooking!

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