Fun Workout Tips for Weekend !

Weekdays just fly by and you hardly get the time to think about shedding the extra calories that you unknowingly add to your body’s system. So weekends are the only days that give you the time to do something to shed the unwanted kilos. Here are some tips that might prove useful for keeping a good health.


You might not feel like getting up early in the morning. But even it is a little late, go for a 30 minutes’ walk. The walk should be brisk and see that you sweat. You can also get the benefit of walking by not taking a ride to the market. Walk all the way to the market and if you are not loaded with your purchase, simply walk back home.

Aerobics or yoga class

Getting yourself enrolled in an aerobics or yoga class for the weekend keeps you under compulsion. You have to attend the class to get the best out of the money invested in it.

Productive hobby

Develop a productive hobby like gardening. Spend your weekend afternoons gardening instead of enjoying a siesta. Gardening makes you help beautify your house and the labour put in it helps you lose weight.


You can also use the evenings in exploring new places with friends or alone by cycling. This also serves double purpose. It helps you socialise and the extra flab is also shed.


Swimming early in the morning is quite refreshing. And during the weekends you can swim for an extra half an hour. Feel refreshed and shed kilos too.

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