10 Things You Should Never Repeat After Marriage

Marriage is wonderful when you and your partner share a strong bond. But remember, nothing comes for free. There are certain things you should stop doing after marriage. These will help you keep away unwanted fights and help you enjoy the bliss of marriage.

Never take your partner for granted

Life after marriage is different than what it used to be before you tied the knot. Whether it’s a love marriage or an arranged one, you should never take your partner for granted. Think the other way round. You would surely feel devalued if you are taken for granted by your spouse, isn’t it?

No more imposing your decisions on others

It’s time that you start thinking less about yourself and more about the two of you. It’s time to think about ‘we’ and no more ‘I’. Though your partner might not voice his dislike, a little thought that includes him gives him the pleasure of being a vital part of your life.

No more first priority to your needs

Unless it is an urgent need, it would be best to put your needs at the second level of importance to that of your partner. This does not mean you act slavishly. This part involves taking a quick look at what he is packing for his office tour or whether his breakfast is kept ready. If it isn’t ready just quickly fix up one for him before you leave for office. This is the best way you can leave a mark in his life.

No more mood swings

If both of you are working partners, you should check your girlish mood swings which were once endured by your parents. Remember that your partner must have had a hard day at office and he will be in no mood to take your tantrums.

No more blaming others for things not done

After marriage it’s your house that you have at your disposal. If it looks unkempt, untidy, or it is in a mess, it is totally your responsibility. Stop blaming the maid and others around you.

No more shrinking away from emergency cooking

When your maid is absent, you better avoid going to some restaurant and prepare some easy dinner. After a marriage a sensible guy avoids overspending and looks for an alternative which is cheap and exciting. If you both take up a joint venture for fixing up a dinner, there’s nothing more enjoyable than that.

Never expect your spouse to know your unsaid words

One of the guiding factors towards a strong marriage is communication. It is silly, almost moronic, to expect your partner to have magical powers of understanding your unsaid words. Try to have a frank conversation with him about what you are presently liking and disliking. If he doesn’t take care of things you can make it clear to him that you will find your own way of dealing with things.

No more using harsh words

You are living with your partner and not with some friend whom you can easily hurt. A sharp tongue cuts its owner’s throat. If you don’t want harsh words being hurled back at you, you better mind your language.

No more being the uncompromising you

You might have been an uncompromising individual before marriage. But if you choose to enjoy a happily married life, you’ve got to bring some compromise in your attitude and thoughts. Compromise does not mean giving up one’s liberty. You simply become a thoughtful and matured individual.

No more high expectations

After marriage you should remember that you are married to a human being, not a super hero. There can be times when he might fail to live up to your expectations. But this should not affect your affection towards him. Remember, you too have your own drawbacks which are perhaps not being pointed out by your partner.

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