World Vegetarian Day: Why Vegetarians Are Healthier

Being vegetarian is good, but it would sound greater when you know its traits and advantages.Have you ever tried finding out the vegetables you eat, carry how much of good health? Well, I suppose your answer is no.This World Vegetarian Day we tell you why being vegetarian is good.

“Man must live and let animals live in freedom”, isn’t this ‘well known phrase’ true? I tried explaining the habitual changes in these extracted points.Being Vegetarian

It is healthy to be a vegetarian. A generous dose of non-vegetarian diet poses health risks like cancer, obesity, diabetes, constipation and even gallstones. In fact, a vegetarian diet is rich in fibre content, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. This helps in cleansing the body’s system, whereas, non- vegetarian products like meat and fish contain a lot of residue from toxic chemicals and the body of non-vegetarian animals contain 10 times more amount of hydrochloric acid than that of the vegetarian ones, but human body should not have the same amount of hydrochloric acid. This establishes the fact that the human body is basically meant for a vegetarian diet, which results in easy digestion. Non-vegetarian food is good in its own terms but at least you should have a healthy immune system to take up all the flesh.Organic Fruits & Vegetables

The Colour Effect!
All the vegetables we know of come in an array of colours, with shine which makes them more appetizing and appealing to our eyes. While on the other hand, meat and fish usually come in boring shades of brown and beige. Therefore, cooking by using different shades of colours in the form of vegetables is a great way to eat variety of natural foods that boosts your health. In fact, it even enhances and builds up your immune system while also providing a perfect setting for your stressful mood swings. As for the colour Green, it associates with the feelings of calm anticipation and has a soothing, relaxing effect on the body as well as the mind. But, do you know? The Green colour could also help control the anxiety of over eating in you. With its relaxing traits, it helps stabilize emotions, therefore providing a balanced move towards your meal. And, if you are missing on any green leafy vegetable in your daily diet, then get ready to run on a treadmill every day or to buy heavy gymming equipments for your Gym at home!

Health Pinch
A vegetarian diet boosts cardio-vascular health, and yes it is true. Consumption of a vegetarian diet is enclosed into whole grains, legumes, vegetables, nuts and fruits with a complete avoidance of meat and high fat products along with a regular exercise programme. The Vegan diet is consistently associated with lower blood cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, less obesity, lesser incidence of diabetes and of course less heart disease with no skin troubles such as Urticaria, rashes.

According to the Oncologists, a diet with adequate portions of green leafy vegetables and fruits ensures an intake of fibre. This has been shown to have beneficial effects for a number of cancer patients. As for a non-vegetarian diet, especially the ones rich in red meats and animal facts, has carcinogenic effect. Carcinogens are substances or agents that are directly involved in causing cancer. It happens generally when the meat is cooked at high temperatures or barbecued or grilled.

The Old Myth
As the myth goes, diet and mood swings in men and women, go parallel! In a woman, it has a direct correlation when she gets her menopause. Certain foods like melons and peaches can ease the hot flashes while chicken cooked with a lot of spices add to the irritation and anger. So being healthy, eating green coloured vegetables and a ‘feel good’ factor about one self is certainly going to benefit a woman during her menopause. It could easily control her impatience and ever ending anger. As for men, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

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