Why one must visit Boveda

Imagine a Wednesday, where you’ve had a really long day, working very hard and all you need is to finish this day with a drink. Very soon, you find yourself happily tipsy swaying to ‘Suzanna’ by the Art Company and letting the last few drops of your cocktail hit your throat, while your stomach growls in response to the scent of the delectable food before you? Yep, you’re still in Andheri, Veera Desai, and at Boveda, the place around the corner most turned these days.

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‘What does Boveda mean really?’ I remember wondering to myself on my visit here, ‘And even if it might be a nice choice for a name because it’s some exotic word of a foreign language, why that word?’ It means vault in Spanish and true to their name, this place provides for a safe, comfortable and cosy environment to enjoy your high in. Dinesh Bahrani, the chef here says ‘It’s a classy place with no shady crowd.’ Here’s why you should be at this place:

1. Ambience – Soft husky light trickles down brick walls and gently bounces off the casually hanging mirrors here, as soon as you enter the place. Whether you want to unwind and curl up on a couch with comfort for your taste buds, stare at a game with drinks and appetizers, socialize with random people by the bar, have a girls’ night out or a romantic date, this place stands good for all of it. The place has an intimate setting, rustic artistic ambience and a cosy vibe, not to be found everywhere. Siddharth Hegde, the bartender, defines it as he says ‘Simplicity is our sophistication’.

2. Music – Music has been especially looked into since Abhishek Goyal, one of the partners, is from a music background himself. They have a lot of artists coming in to perform and the music fills up your senses without really giving you a headache. Nearly every night of the week they have something happening such as live bands, techno music, and ‘Back in the day’ music. Whether or not it’s your type of music, you will find your head swinging and feet tapping in response to it.

3. Taste Buds – This restaurant offers a different and very relatable perspective on Spanish, American, Mexican and Italian cuisine. They load your platter with piping hot traditional dishes with a contemporary twist to them. Every dish is creatively and carefully tweaked. In addition to this, there’s going to be more food options added by next month. To keep that company, they have an extensive alcohol menu and a very different list of cocktails based on fresh fruits and a wide range of liqueurs.

4. Service – This is one of the most admirable things about the place. There are people standing around filling the correct gaps, so they’re neither time bombs tick-tocking down your neck until you order and neither are they like the school crush that you try to get the attention of while they don’t even know you exist.The USP of this place is attention to detail.

5. Events – Recently, the place has started a ladies night with three complimentary drinks and music from the bygone era that you can sway to. They cater to a different audience every day. Every time you visit, there’s a different scene you escape into it.

‘This place is something this area needed,’ says Yash Sonthalia, ‘We hear a lot of people saying that now they don’t need to go to Bandra or town for a place to hang out.’ Sure enough, they have their own piece of it right here now. And if not for that, then you need to be there just for the cocktails and the pork sliders, which are to kill for! I think Abhishek Goyal just sums it up when he says ‘Boveda is not just another pub you go to, it’s an experience and you got to be here for the whole experience.’

What do you think?

Written by Puja Gokarn

A writer insanely in love with writing...who knows and has no way other than to love writing as much as she does...enjoys flavours of food, experiences, stories and words....savors life and longs for complete abandon and surrender in everything!

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