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Shop and save at the same time and make shopping a joyful experience A few days back when I was talking to my friend, she was telling me about how she usually prefers shopping from flea markets in Delhi such as Connaught Place, Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, and the likes. Even though there are a lot of budding online shopping portals, sometimes either the products are too costly or sometimes people just don’t believe in its credibility.

That day I noticed that despite of the presence of so many shopping malls, designer stores and online shopping portals, people prefer the street markets. One of the major reasons being that they are reasonably priced and give similar quality as their counter-parts. For this, we sometimes lookout for sale in malls or bargain with shopkeepers, just to save that extra penny.


But today the scenario has changed as the people have started welcoming the online shopping portals, with some of the popular ones being,,,, etc. From a small needle to a product as big as a TV, refrigerator and other electronic product; one can find almost every product online.

Moreover there are a lot of advantages to e-shopping; to begin with it saves a lot of time and energy that gets wasted in all that travelling to the market.

Secondly, shopping becomes more convenient with lesser urge to buy anything other than what you want.This is a very common problem with me when I go out for shopping. The shopkeepers will lure you into so many exciting things that by the time you reach for the product that you need, you have already stuffed your bag with unnecessary things. This problem is not there in online shopping as you search for only that thing that you want.

Also, online shopping gives one a privacy of buying personal products like lingerie and other stuff that sometimes gets awkward to buy in the physical stores. But while shopping online, you don’t have people ogling at what you are buying.

Moreover, e-shopping offers you a variety of products. Not that the physical stores don’t do that, but imagine yourself at a store running from here and there to buy a dress, then shoes to go with it, matching hand bag, jewellery and other accessories. While hunting for all these things you come across a beautiful dress that you didn’t see before AND your hunt starts again! But with online shopping you do the similar thing, but with much more ease; earlier where you were spending 2 hours running for things, here you only have to click and choose.

Not just this, there are portals which offers a lot of attractive deals and offers to lure the consumers which makes shopping a better experience. One such site is Flipit that offers discount coupons for various products. From baby products to clothes to electronic devices to car accessories, one can order anything and at great prices. All you have to do is just flip over the deal and buy products from your favourite brand.

Although there are a lot of other sites that offer discount coupons but the best thing about this site is that if one uses a Tradus coupon then s/he gets a discount on the final order. Tradus offers its customers amazing deals through which one can save a considerable amount of money.

Honestly, I would not have written this article if I would not have been convinced with the credibility of online shopping. But with my personal online shopping experience, and after shopping I flea markets as well; I am totally certain that technology has really been a helping hand when it comes to convenient shopping.

Just imagine shopping as well as saving so much money, so that you can do some more shopping. Isn’t that great! So what are you waiting for, click and get the products that you want at wonderful discounts.

Image Source: Andrew Stawarz 

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