Want a celebrity like skin? Here are their secrets revealed

You often must have wondered at the wonderful beauty of celebrities all over the world. Must have wondered what the secrets are behind such beauty that radiates from their skin. Here are the answers to your questioning mind princess! We bring you the various secrets of celebrities following which you too will be able to rock flaunting a fabulous skin.

Aishwarya Rai

Considered the queen of Bollywood for her looks, Ash is known to drink lots of water besides having the organic treatment for her skin. She uses cucumber for protecting her skin from damage. Her morning care involves the detox mixture that consists of lemon, hot water and honey. This provides a protection for the skin throughout the day.

Bipasha Basu

A fitness freak, Bipasha tells that exercising has helped her maintain a healthy body and skin. Apart from exercising she opines that application of sunscreen before going out in the sun has helped her maintain her sexy skin tone. She too advocates the drinking of water for a wonderful and clear skin.

Shilpa Shetty

She is known tom apply the wonder mixture if coconut and baby oil. It nourishes as well as moisturises her skin. She believes that the toxins should be removed from the skin every day. She also follows a daily cleansing ritual to remove the heavy load of make-up from her skin. Shilpa follows organic skin care treatment too.

Celina Jaitley

This lovely lady who has stolen hearts in Bollywood owes her splendid body and skin to the benefits of yoga. The exercises not only release both the stress and the tension from her body. Her cleansing ritual involves washing the face daily with pure water.

Loa Blasucci tips

For under eye bags, celebrity make-up artist, Loa Blasucci advises to tap the face gently but firmly with your fingertips. The enable the skin to retain the lost fluid. Then apply a little amount of daytime moisturiser (a light one for oily skin) with upwards strokes along the jawline and the neck. Tap the outside corners of your mouth and to your cheeks. Loa has taken care of celebrities like Matthew McConaughey and Courteney Cox.

These skin care tips followed by celebrities are simple and involve less effort and time. These can be followed by anyone. Now that the summer days are knocking at the door, don’t forget to wear the sunscreen before going outdoors to sport a glowing skin. Happy summer!

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