Various Goodness of the Age-old Ghee

Ghee is traditionally made from cow’s milk and in ancient days it was a basic requirement for the Vedic homa or yajnas (fire acsrifices). But since time immemorial ghee has been associated with several uses.It is also known to have nutritional values and medical uses. Let us see how ghee helps the body with its various qualities.Ghee

Ghee for the bones

According to Ayurdveda ghee helps in the formation of body fluids, fat, flesh, blood, semen, bones and bone marrow. Ghee enhances the growth of bones and also helps in joining the bones that have broken in an accident. That is why children should be fed a certain amount of ghee so that they develop strong bones.

Ghee for cleansing the body

The human body has several toxins which need to be removed. This cleaning of the body of the body is done a long Ayurvedic process known as the Panchakarma treatment. In this treatment the first step towards cleansing the body requires a person to drink some warm ghee. The ghee travels through the body penetrating the body tissues and dissolves the toxins that it comes across. The toxins along with the waste are carried to the intestines and ultimately discharged from the body.

Ghee in cooking

Ghee undoubtedly increases the taste of the food to which it has been added. Apart from enhancing the taste of food it has nutritional values too. It cures constipation, regenerates cells, heals wounds, relives spasmodic coughing, stimulates metabolism in the tissues and also strengthen the immune system of the body.

Ghee for kids

For kids ghee is essential as it helps in the growth of strong bones. It also helps in digestion, promotes good eyesight, learning, memory power and proper mental functioning.

Ghee for the aged

Ghee is also useful for the aged as it stimulates appetite and promotes digestion. Foot massage with ghee cures ulcers, cholesterol problems, exhaustion, nervousness, sleep problems and headaches.

Ghee for women

Ghee helps in maintaining a proper digestive system. A certain amount of ghee intake if maintained with a balanced diet and proper exercising can lead to weight loss too. Ghee contains vitamin E, A, D and K which can be easily absorbed because of the dietary fats that are already present in ghee. The absorption of vitamin E gives a good skin. Ghee is known to increase the intelligence and the brain power of the baby. Ghee also maintains proper functioning of the organs during pregnancy.

So we see ghee is almost considered as an elixir of human life. A certain amount of ghee is necessary for the body to maintain an overall functioning of the body. Go, add a little bit of ghee in your cooking today and enjoy the gift of good health.

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