Jump Start Your Monday with Great Music Tracks

Most of us believe that our mornings define the way we feel for the rest of the day. And for many of us, this is a reality. Morning moods set the tone for the way things work out through the day. So its only essential that we make the morning elements awesome and happy.

Some songs just fill you with positivity and hope for life. When you begin your day with such songs, you’re sure to be happy for the larger part of the day. Such tone setting songs are many, but my favourites are Don’t worry be happy-Bobby McFerrin and What a wonderful world sung by Louis Armstrong.

The action packed super crazy songs are also a great way to bring in the morning. Tune in to Michael Jackson track or your favourite badass singer and welcome the day by yelling into its face… Try Stayin’ Alive by Bee Gees and Maneater by Nelly Furtado. These songs will put a grin on your face even before you know it!

Even for the single women out there waiting for someone, listen to Walking on sunshine or Annies song to feel the love in your veins. If you are in breakup mode, try Adele’s Someone like you or the classic I will survive- Gloria Gaynor to remind yourself that you have the will to put your life in perspective and leave the past behind you.

You can also opt for self-reassuring tracks like I believe I can fly- R Kelly or Everything at once- Lenka (this one I like personally) to reinforce the element of you in your life. O and last but not the least, try the new nonsensical beats to just make you sing along. Thrift song is the new song in everyone’s head for that.

Among Hindi tracks, try classics like Dil se re- A R Rahman that absolutely set the day for better things ahead. Or tune in to a sufi track and remember the almighty right at the beginning of your day, with a song like Kun Faya Kun- movie Rockstar or Arziyaan-movie Dilli 6.

And finally, if mornings for you are more about the action packed quintessential bollywood number, try Batameez Dil- Ye jawaani hai deewani or any one of your favourite Hindi songs!

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Written by N D'cruz

The madness comes with the writing, in the writing' according to this author.

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