Top Whole Foods To Expect In The Dining Space In 2019

With more than a month still remaining in the current year, we are already in a position to know what’s going to tease our taste buds in the forthcoming year. Let’s look into the food trends in 2019.

Flavours of the Pacific Rim

Few fruits like dragon fruit, passion fruit, guava along with ingredients like dried shrimps and shrimp pastes would certainly be looked upon as inspirations.

Fats become trendier

Keto has evolved a long way and we will get to see more of it with keto-friendly bars and other forms of alternative fats being used for different preparations like ghee and coconut butter. Things like watermelon seed butter is surely get people buzzing around. Down from hazelnuts to cashews and sunflower seeds to pumpkin seeds, it is perhaps any seed and nut can be turned into unconventional butter that you could enjoy with your toast for breakfast.

Unreal meats

Mushrooms will lead the race. With bloody veggie burger already in the list, the next to follow in the menu would be a meat that is familiar in taste and texture of bacon but is not what it is presumed. Vegan and vegetarians are going to have a ball in the coming year.

The ocean would hold favour of flavours

Out of the many flavours that’s going to find favour in the coming year are puffed snacks made of water lily seeds, skins of salmon enriched with omega-3, alternatives of tuna that are plant based and enriched with algae and kelp jerkies.

Innovations with frozen desserts

With desserts expected to incorporate native flavours, you can always expect the unexpected here with Turkish Ice Cream and naturally flavoured choices.
Fermenting the nation

Seriously look at finding a place in your menu for fermented stuffs. Get ready to start a meal with a plate of house-made pickles or gulp over a healthy fermented Irish drink to toast with your friends.

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