The wonders of Tupperware

The name Tupperware is not unknown to any of us; it’s one of the most popular brands of plastic containers in the country. The smooth durable plastic with the innovative air tight lid has held our fascination and our trust for years. Here are some interesting facts about our most loved products:

Where did Tupperware originate?

This range of plastic ware was created by Earl Tuper in the year 1948 and hence the line of plastic goods was given the name. The Tupperware Company was thus born after the end of the Second World War as a light weight good looking plastic line of containers which promised much better preservation of cooked food and a lifetime guarantee.

What’s so different?

There are two interesting things that distinguish Tupperware from its competitors and make it this famous. The first is the feature of the lid (formerly known as the burping seal- that burps out the air out of a container to keep food stuff preserved for a longer time), that made it a huge success. The plastic itself is of better quality and comes with a lifetime guarantee in most countries.

The business boom

After its huge success by mid 1950’s with the inclusion of Brownie Wise to head Tupperware (the marketing division), Tupper had a fallout with her and she was fired. After that, Tupperware was sold to the company to Rexall Drugs in 1958. Tupperware seemed to have lost its market in the West until recently it was discovered that the Queen of England stores her breakfast cereal in Tupperware containers. From that time, Tupperware has only seen booming profits all across the world.

Health standards

Most plastic containers used for storage use something called Bisphenol A (known as BPA) which have been raising a few health concerns in the last few years. Some state that BPA disturbs the thyroid hormone of the body that is located at the throat. But Tupperware issued a notice that after 2010 they have replaced materials containing BPA in their production to other fabrics that are BPA free! Another reason to trust our favorite brand.

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