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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you listen to New York City, for me it has always been the Fashion Capital of the United States. Popular for its fashion designers, fashion warehouses, showrooms and excellent production facilities, New York is best known for attracting the high profile people, as well as the affluent class of the society.

Thinking about the Fashion Capital, you just cannot skip or ignore the fashion trends of this city. But I am sure none of you would like to just drool about this fact of some people being so fashionable while you are not being one. So girls, get ready to become a ‘fashionista’ and flaunt your cool style as WSL brings to you the fashion trends that are popular in the New York City.Newyorkimage

If you have a keen interest in fashion trends like punk, hippie’s style or the gothic style, then New York is just the place for you since you can find the best trendy clothes there; and particularly the Gothic Style that is popular in winters.

In fact, the Gothic style is considered to be one of the best New York Street Fashion in winters. Imagine yourself walking the streets in black clothes, heavy long coats and leather jackets with legs covered with long boots and hands inside velvet gloves. To top it all how about some big hats highlighted with feathers, paired with junk jewelry? I have already started hopping around shops to grab them all, so what are you waiting for? Also, if you want to get that perfect gothic look don’t forget to use dark red makeup.gothic fashion

Though in many places it’s still a bit cold where you can try the gothic style, but in others the summer has officially knocked the doors with its scorching heat and to beat that you don’t just have to wear light fabric clothes but also have to take care of your fashion sense.

Talking about fashion sense, do you know the Best New York Street Collection for this summer? Well, it’s your turn to ask your friends this question, as you now know what the collection is!This season, denim jeans are the new trend and have become the most eye-catching outfit. So pair it with any of your loose tops or crop tops and rock this spring-summer seasoncrop top

With summers around, it’s time to pull out those skirts from your cupboard and pair it with your sleeveless top. In fact, when it comes to trying a feminine and classic look, you can pair your sleeveless top with a lace maxi skirt. I have already started imagining how I would look in that dress, I am sure you guys too would have started dreaming about this. To get that perfect look, you can even pair it with silver earrings and a silver bangle, light makeup, and red lipstick. Oh! And don’t forget to wear your sunglasses.sunglasses.

Who thought that geometry that gives nightmares to so many students can actually give you happy dreams?

Don’t worry I am not discussing academics here, but when it comes to fashion, the geometrical printed A-line and knee length skirt is highly in demand in the New York Street Fashion. To look gorgeously amazing, you can try the tricolor combination dress with monotone shoes, accessories, and simple makeup.A-line and knee length skirt

Women who are in their 30s, they love to wear floral print dresses, abstract designs, and polka dots. Try pairing it with lime green heels, light pink lipstick, and a pair of sunglasses.

So now that you know the latest street fashion trends, all you need to do is pave the way for the new fashion trends to enter your closet and you are ready to rock the world.

This Article is shared by our reader Kirti Jalan from Newyork.

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