Movies to watch on a lazy Sunday

With the Sun setting in, the spirit of adventure gets dampened and most of us like to sit in the comfort of our homes and watch a few good movies. Here are some classic movie suggestions that can make a lazy Sunday memorable.

The sound of music

The eternal classic, with songs which we have all grown up listening to. Sound of music is a tale set in the background of war, where a convent governess in Austria is sent to look after the 7 children of a retired naval officer who is a widower. The beauty of Austria combined with exceptional singing and the epic love story makes it the perfect movie to watch.

Good morning Vietnam

Get ready to laugh and cry in turns with Robbin Williams who is sent to control the radio broadcasting in Vietnam for the American soldiers in the warzone. He bends and twists the rules and gets in to trouble often, but his journey is too memorable to miss. If you haven’t watched this movie, I suggest a rain filled Sunday is an ideal option.


What’s a Sunday without some historical warfare? Of kings and peasants alike, this story is of the wronged hero who has to prove himself time and again to claim his rightful place. The warfare is classic as you can smell the dust of the battleground and watch heroes and villains tested in the same arena.

Good Will Hunting

Get introduced to a mathematical genius in the most unusual of ways. The intricacies of watching Matt Damon and Robbin Williams on screen only get better with the addition of Ben Affleck in the role of the best friend. The movie is a bit slow and not as action packed as others, but that’s what makes it a lazy holiday movie.

The pursuit of happiness

This modern classic has Will Smith at his best, in the most heart wrenching story of a man trying to make his destiny. Get involved with him and hopefully your pursuits of finding the hope to live will find you on such a quiet and peaceful day.

Forrest Gump

This man will make you crazy with his simplicity, and it’s a deserved Sunday morning watch. Watch him fight in the army and make billions, fall in love and do everything under the sun. Forrest Gump is the quintessential family movie too as it identifies some important life values for people of all ages.

The Bucket list

They say you either find success or happiness in life, not both. The story talks about what happens when two people enshrining each of the above qualities meet at the end of their lives. Take this adventure sitting in your homes as they explore themselves, each other and the world. The story is both beautiful and teaches a few things along the course of 2 hours. Don’t miss it for the world.

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Written by N D'cruz

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