How to get rid of every morning blues

It’s another manic Monday, and you’re angry about getting up and dragging yourself to work. The feeling persists and you don’t know why or how you can pull through the week this way. Late nights, sleep disorders, anxiety, loneliness, boredom- everything that makes you hate mornings.
If this is how you feel each morning, here are some ways you may want to see and feel the beginning of each day. Some tried and tested ways to chase of every morning blues…

Begin your day with positive thoughts

This is the most basic rule that applies in order to have a good morning, and consequently a good day. Since having morning blues are a state of mind, attune your mind to bring out positive thoughts when you get up each day. Take out 15 mins to think about the good things in your life and how you are going to make the next 18 hours productive. Developing a positive attitude towards life takes consistent efforts, but the rewards are equally good.

Make a plan

Most people being their day not knowing how it’s going to go and that can be a cause of concern and worry, mainly because you don’t know what to expect. A brief set of things to be accomplished, written down in a structured format can bring to you the much needed clarity and sense of purpose you need to begin you day on a positive footing. So go ahead and make you to-do’s. Add some fun time to it too at the end of the day so you have something to look forward to 


Happy hormones, energetic hormones. A brief exercise routine at the beginning of each day may just be the perfect way to induce happiness and energy to your morning. Exercise has proven to release hormones that help you feel positive and full of spirit and it’s a waste to not make use of such a biological predisposition to happiness each morning!


On a deeper level, it is good to begin the day as a new and important beginning by either thanking a higher power for your existence or getting in touch with your inner self through meditation. If you are the spiritual type, you will know that being aware of your existence and having a thankful attitude towards it will keep you from feeling blue in the morning. So call onto the forces; either your own inner strength or that of the divine to make your day a fruitful one.

Have a ‘me’ morning

A simple answer to ridding you of negative energies in the morning is to do things you like best. Whether it is reading a chapter of your favourite book, listening to your favourite music or eating something that makes you happy- do it. After all, no one likes to be miserable in the morning and only you know how to pamper yourself. So make the most of it!

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Written by N D'cruz

The madness comes with the writing, in the writing' according to this author.

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