Loafers in vogue

What to wear? Do stand and stare? Hey, there are wonders loafers that are quite stylish and in design and colour. They are also wonderful for the monsoons as they keep your feet covered while they give you a chic look. Here we tell you about some loafers that are out in the market and can be shopped online.


There are loafers from Valentino with outer material being of genuine leather and the inner lining being of non-leather material. These loafers can be cleaned with good quality dry brush. You can also air-dry them after cleaning them with leather shampoo. They come in yellow, blue, red and black. The price is near about Rs.2000.

Salt N Pepper

The upper and the lining of these loafers from Salt N Pepper are in leather and have thermoplastic polyurethane soles. They come in lace-up style featuring a stacked heel. They give a stylish look even in casual attire. The price is near about Rs.2400.

Get Glamr

This brand brings you loafers in bright colours. These are flat slip-ons with the upper and the lining being of non-leather material. They have thermoplastic rubber soles. They can be easily cleaned with good quality brush or a damp cloth. Price is near about Rs.1500.


This brand brings you loafers a little on the cheaper side. They with non-leather upper lining, resin soles, pointed toe and a flat heel. The front has golden thread detailing, the inside is cushioned and the shoe is ultra-light. The price is near about Rs.985. They come in various colours like black, blue and brown.

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