5 Useful Makeup tips for a monsoon mistress look

The dark clouds and splash of water of the monsoons are always welcome just after the scorching summer days. But they might ruin your look if you are not careful. Here are some tips that can help you look gorgeous even during the monsoons.

Before putting on makeup rub an ice cube on your face so that the makeup stays on for long.


Avoid using foundation during monsoons. Face powders are a better option. Use powder sparingly just to remove the grease from your nose and face. Apply a small amount of cream, pink or beige blushers. If your face gets wet dab your face lightly with tissue paper and the blush stays on. Be careful while blending the blusher. It should not look like a blob of colour.


Avoid using eye brow pencil to shape your eyebrows. Instead put some hair gel on the brow brush to keep the shape intact. For eye shadows stick to colours like pastel, brown, beige, pink or cream. Avoid using kajal. Use waterproof eyeliners and mascara.


Avoid the glossy and creamy lipsticks. Go for non-transfer varies that come in matte tones and cream colour.


There are various ways to keep your hair attractive. Avoid using sprays, gels and lacquers on your hair as they lead to dandruff. Tie your long hair in a topknot before going outdoors. If it is short trim it in a tapering shape so that it gets back to shape when it is dry.

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