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Khurchan–the scrappy delight of Mathura!

For a big time foodie like me, visiting Mathura with family this weekend really was something to cherish!

Be it the amazing Rabri, delicious Chamcham and the scrumptious Pedas of Brijwasi Sweets or the Kachoris and Jalebi of Oma Pehelwaan Kachoriwala, missing these two shops, is a big NO. Apart from stopping at these renowned shops; you should also try the Malai Lassi (sweetened curd), kulhad wali chai (tea served in earthen pots) and gol gappas.khurchan

Does any of this interest you? Some of you might be thinking that why should one even go as gol gappas can be found anywhere…But WAIT there is more to it!

“Madam, KHURCHAN try karo”, said the liftman of the hotel I was staying in, when I asked him about any new dish that is unique and exquisite.

Khurchan which means scrapping is a popular sweet dish that I tried at Shankar Mithaiwala and thanks to the proprietor who gave me an insight about this sweet. He explained that while the milk is boiling, the foam is constantly churned and often sticks to the sides of the vessels in which it’s boiled. Later these layers that get deposited on the sides as well as bottom are scrapped out. To these scrappings, Semolina (rava), rose water and powdered sugar (buru) are added and it is garnished with dry fruits and tint of saffron (kesar). One can feel the richness of milk as you chew the scrapping.

Khurchan is available in two forms, salt and sweet. The sweet form can hardly be found these days. It seems that the dish is dwindling into insignificance owing to its preparation time and the high cost of production. Therefore they prepare only a kg per day for sale and have priced it at Rs. 600/kg. Unfortunately I couldn’t pack some for my friends back home as it needs to be consumed within few hours of preparation and cannot be preserved under any conditions.

But guess what you just got a reason to visit Mathura – to try this laziz and delectable dish Khurchan.

Keep eating!! Keep Relishing!!

What do you think?

Written by Nidhi Jatania

A true gemini who loves to travel and explore new destinations and food stuff !! Movie buff and foodie !!
In love with espanol and guitara de espanol !!

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