Some Cool dating Apps for the Single Ready to Mingle

So you like meeting new people who are as cool as you? If trying out different ways to meet and flirt with different varieties of men is your idea of chilling, then you must check out these dating apps that might help you in refining your search for the ideal flirt…wink wink.


This is one of the most happening apps in the dating world. It just takes a simple swipe to like someone and if they like you back, voila! You have a match and you can start chatting.  The latest feature added Is a moment where you can snap and share pictures with your contacts. The fact that you can see how close or how far your interest is from you makes it easier to meet people from your locality. Available for IoS and Android.o-TINDER-DATING-APP-facebook

OKCupid  Dating

Ranked among the top ten dating apps, this is a social networking/dating website that gives you multiple options to connect with people you are interested in. one of the most conventional apps, this one allows you to find people in your neighborhood and far and beyond. Be it fun or a no strings attached relationship or friends with benefits, this app has all kids available! And thanks to the privacy settings, stalkers can stay at bay. Available for IoS and Android.okcupid-logo


No, I am not talking about the fruit. But spending a lot of time on this app can bear some fruit indeed (pun intended). It’s a private place just for you and your partner. You create an account for your partner and you, with a common password.  A very intimate and personal app to keep you close to your loved one, this one lets you chat, store pics and share a lot of intimate moments together. Available for IoS and Android.

Also, check out…avocado

Krush – The dating Appkrushsss1612014

Check out this pure desi app developed by this cool techie Rajat Rao. This app requires you to have at least one mutual friend with the person you wish to date or get connected to. The app never reveals your location or your contact details. No one can contact you unless you permit them too. It prevents you from going through the embarrassment of being rejected…sigh! Download it from the AppStore for IoS or Play Store for Android.

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