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If you have been humming or dancing to the tunes of Mujhe Ishq Se from the movie Yaariyan off late, then you know who to thank for it. The beautiful voice behind this number along with many other hits like Tum Jo Aaye Zindagi Me from Once Upon A Time in Mumbai, Tulsi Kumar is now all set to make her theatrical debut this January.

Interview Tulsi Kumar

Tulsi, daughter of late Gulshan Kumar, has sung in a number of Bollywood films apart from devotional songs. Her theatrical debut, The List, produced by Monjoy Joy Mukherjee, is a musical monologue of a woman in rural Qubec whose life is revealed through a series of list.  It is a story that recounts a woman’s relationship with herself, her neighbor Caroline, her husband, her imaginary lover and her dreams. Well, if you thought Tulsi is acting in the play, you are wrong. She is doing what she does best – Sing! Didn’t get it? Lets hear more about it from the lady herself!

Q. Tell us more about The List. How did it happen? How exactly are you associated with it?

A.Well, it’s a play directed by Rohini Bhatia, who is a friend. She initially approached me to act in it but I was much better off with singing. So we got together to compose some sound tracks and with some improvisations I came up with a couple of tracks for it.  One is an English number called Before the Dawn and the other one is a French number. The play closes with the song Mujhe Ishq Se from Yaariyan. It will be for the first time that I shall be singing live as the story will proceed, though some portions will be pre-recorded.  It’s the first time that I have composed songs, along with Rohini and the experience has been amazing.

Q. But why didn’t you want to act in the play?

A. I have no intentions of acting honestly. I feel music is my passion and this is what I am best at. I would rather focus more on it than diverting my attention by getting involved in acting. I don’t intend to change my focus.

Q. Talking of music, your father had always promoted devotional songs. You have also sung quite a number of such songs. Could you tell us more about it?

A. You know what, during the 90’s there was a huge craze for devotional songs. This was the time when such songs were well promoted. I started my career as a singer singing devotional tracks. But now the demand has gone down. Bollywood songs are giving you better exposure today. Though I feel, as a playback singer I am trying to do my bit to promote devotional songs.

Q. What else is keeping you busy?

A. So I have a couple of films lined up. I am also working for the first time with Palash Sen. He is coming up with this new single which is a mix of English and Hindi called Is It You and I am featuring in it. I am also planning to do more peppy numbers like the one in Billu (Love Mera Hit Hit). Although I feel soft romantic numbers are my forte.

Q. Sounds pretty good! But, after having worked with the likes of Pritam, Sajid-Wajid, what does your wish list look like now?

A. I wish to work with AR Rahman sir! I am waiting to get an opportunity to work with him. I also haven’t play backed for Priyanka Chopra yet. So maybe sometime soon!

We wish the same Tulsi!

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