Meet the Designer : Aditi Amin

Next up in our Meet the designer series is Adit Amin, founder of her own designer jewellery label. We happened to see her collection in one of the exhibition, and we loved it so much that we had to find out about the designer herself. Apart from being an investment banker and an entrepreneur for several years she has also been an artist for over 10 years. Her designs have a strong sense for style. The Label ‘By Aditi Amin’ is an amalgamation of her varied experiences and her quest to present before the world statement pieces which are Bold, unique, fun & very Avant Garde. In a candid conversation with What She Likes, this creative jewellery designer talks about her designs and her label.

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1. What inspired you to get into this profession and what are your design specializations?
For me designing larger than life statement jewellery pieces is an expression of art and it can be regarded as my inspiration as well.
As far as designs are concerned, ‘BY ADITI AMIN’ creates jewellery pieces that are Bold, Confident, Fun and Avant Garde!!Also, the brand promises to celebrate the power and the uniqueness of today’s confident and bold woman who is not afraid to express herself and is proud of her uniqueness.

2. How is the response that you received for your jewellery products in India & abroad?
The response is phenomenal and totally unexpected. Although the brand is three seasons old but it has gained a lot of popularity.

3. What was it like to receive your very first order?
It felt great!! 🙂

4. Who are your target consumers?
Our jewellery is designed for the modern woman who is not afraid to express herself, is bold, unique and wants to stand out in the crowd.

5. What is the price range of your collection?
Our Collection range can cost anywhere between 5000 to 25,000 INR

6. From where can one buy your products?

One can buy our products from the following places

– NIMAI, shahpurjat New Delhi


– The statement boutique, Dubai

People can also reach us @ [email protected]

8. Who do you think is the most suited actress for adorning this jewellery?
I think Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra or Kangana Ranaut would look good in these jewellery designs.

9. Which jewellery designs or accessories do you think are trending these days?
These days, women are not afraid of experimenting with their looks, or stepping out of their comfort zone. Today’s women do not step back from making a bold statement. Also every woman likes to own an accessory that she can call ‘A Statement Piece’, which is a must have for her.
And we make that kind of jewellery that women would want to buy and can’t do without it.

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Written by Smita Diwan

Smita Diwan is a Media & Communication evangelist with 15+ years of steady growth. She has served across diverse verticals of Broadcast Journalism, Corporate Communications, Digital Media and Public Relations. A fitness enthusiast, Smita devotes her ‘rare’ free-time to yoga and meditation. As she strongly believes that the right balance is the key to steady growth.

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