Trend Spotting : Palm Cuffs

Gone are the days when flaunting a statement ring on your slender ring finger would be considered chic and fashionable. This is the age of oddly placed rings on anywhere and everywhere right from your fingers to your palm. After finger rings, handcuffs, thumb rings and midi rings, the latest fad is flaunting a palm cuff (aka handlets)!

What is it?

Palm cuffs are basically studded bands worn around the middle of your palm instead of the wrist. If you have a pendant that sits perfectly at the back of your palm, strapped by a band, you know you are doing it right! Although they might look a little out of place initially, they are pretty cool once you get the hang of them! (Honestly, we feel they are quite creative a way to cover up and add some life to those otherwise ignored and naked palms!)

These can go well both with casuals like denims as well as something elegant like an evening gown! Palm rings are edgy, jazzy and the new ‘it’ making you look like you’ve got so much swag!Palm Cuff


While oddly placed rings have been a hot favorite amongst Hollywood celebs like Miley Cyrus, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Lawrence, the Good Girl Gone Bad singer Rihanna has been stealing the show by flaunting the Palm Ring and thus being a trend setter of sorts. The style has become quite a rage in the US among girls who are edgy and chic. Closer home, our very own Sonam Kapoor has also been spotted wearing a palm bracelet at Cannes .sonam-kapoor-elie-saab-cannes-2014-google-hangout1

Get Your Own!

You can get one of those studded palm rings from online stores like and among others. However, the easiest way to create your own palm ring is to get hold of a hand cuff or a bracelet and wrap it around your palm instead of your wrist. Easy isn’t it? So go ahead and be the first among your girl pals to flaunt this trend!

What do you think?

Written by Swati Tewari

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