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Foodies and geeks may not share the same taste when it comes to hobbies, but in theory they might have a lot in common. We have discovered that thin line between a scientist and the chef. Many of us are not a fan of cooking because we hate chopping up ingredients? Maybe some of these innovative gadgets will change your mind. So, here are some innovative (read: geeky) kitchen gadgets that bridge the gap between the joy and science of cooking.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-teal” ]Stainless Steel Pineapple Slicer[/highlight]

Slicing a pineapple will take less time than it takes to open a can; it’s much easier than a knife and works like a corkscrew to allow you to prepare rings, slices or chunks in seconds. It cuts the shell and core away, leaving a luscious stack of pineapple.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-teal” ]Herb Scissors[/highlight]

Ideal for every kitchen, these multi-blade scissors are great for cutting all kinds of fresh herbs and preparing salads. With these special herb scissors, with 5 parallel blades, you can cut chives and other herbs quickly and evenly, without crushing them.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-teal” ]Garlic Crusher[/highlight]

This stylish tool breaks up garlic cloves quickly and easily, forcing the pieces up through the mesh of holes in its base. The crushed pieces are then held in the curved design, allowing them to be spooned or scraped conveniently into a pan or bowl.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-teal” ]Utensil Snug[/highlight]

By just clipping a snug you can save utensils from getting hot or melting, prevent messy drips while cooking and stop spoons from sliding into the serving dish. This tool is designed to work with pots and pans with or without a lip at the rim.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-teal” ]Silicone Cooking Bag[/highlight]

The silicone cooking bag cuts out steps anytime you need to boil or steam foods. Just lift the bag out of boiling water to strain veggies or shellfish, making it easy to reserve cooking water if needed.

No kitchen is complete without a few gizmos. Just use it right and you can get delicious food, cooked faster than a professional chef. If not, then at least cooking, baking, toasting, slicing, dicing will sound like a lot more fun now. And, if you know of more time- and effort-saving tools and gadgets you can use in the kitchen, tell us in the comments box below.

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Written by Vartika Manasvi

Vartika is a marketing evangelist with 5 years of experience in different facets of PR, Advertising, Events, Branding, and Corporate Communications. A peerless commoner, curator & digital enthusiast now experimenting with products & solutions for Telecom Operators.

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