Ideas for floral setup to mark a special occasion

Since time immemorial flowers have always been used in celebrations. Nature’s beauty has always been found in the essence and beauty of flowers. Flowers are considered an important factor in celebrations as they enhance the beauty of any place. Celebrations involve both the mind and the body and flowers are the best decorative items that influence them.

Here we bring some easy floral set-ups to make any occasion special.

Making a simple bouquet with ribbons is a simple task where you have to put in some detailing on the bare stems of a bunch of flowers. Take a hand-tied bouquet of flowers and use a ribbon (which may be of a lighter shade than that of the flowers) to wrap it tightly round the stems of the flowers. The ribbon should 1 to 1 ½ inches in width and you can scrunch the ribbon to make it narrow as you reach the bottom of the stems. Now decorate the wrapped ribbon with coloured corsage pins of the same colour. To make it look a little different you can use corsage pins of contrasting colours.

Making a single flower corsage the instruments that are needed are wire cutters, stem wrap and some filler flowers of your choice along with the flowers of which you want to make the corsage. Cut the stem of the flower at a desired length say about 34 inches below the flower. Use a tape to wrap a floral wire round it. Use hot glue to add the filler flowers and the greens. Filler flowers like gypsophilia, baby’s breath or even tiny forget-me-nots can be used. The fillers are given to accent the presence of the main flower. Tie a ribbon round the stem to give it a proper finish.

You can also make a horizontal set-up of flowers. Take a container that is relatively shallow. Make an anchor with foam and a generous amount of hot glue. You can also use anchor pins instead. Use line flowers to form the shape of the design. Now fix the focal flowers so that they droop gently over the container lip on both sides. Leave some room for some foliage and filler flowers.

Some tips while making floral set-ups

Many flowers have heavy heads which start drooping after a while. For this you need to make stay wires. This is effective particularly for roses. Push the wire horizontally penetrating the calyx of the flower. Push till half the length of the wire is through. Now tape the wires round the stem of the flower. Bend the two ends of the wires parallel to the stem. Now use a stem tape to lock the moisture in.

For flowers with heads firmly attached to the step you can use the hook method. Insert a stem wire through the centre of the stem so that it pierces out through the head to about 3-4 inches. Make a hook and push the wire down back into the flower. Now you tape the wire along with the stem tightly.

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