How to Make your child’s vacation more interesting!

Summer is here! Unless you have already figured the best place for your child to spend their summer vacations yet, you might already be experiencing fatigue with regards to your child driving you crazy with the golden words “I am bored”. Perplexing as it may be, it has indeed a challenge to figure the best summer activities for your child. Have no fear, we have listed some of the most novel and interesting things you can indulge your child in this summer:

Social Networking: Oh wait! Isn’t this for the older kids only? Nah! is India’s first online ecosystem specially designed for kids between 6-12 years of age. Your child is already asking for your smartphone or access to the PC to explore the internet, might as well introduce him/her to content that is not only age appropriate and safe but exciting at the same time. Games, cartoon, animals…content that is updated regularly! Maybe today is a good day to watch cartoons. Volia! Visit the Cartoon network section on! Or probably tomorrow is a society field trip day, why not zoom through some interesting videos about your favourite animals? A plethora of activities such as arts and crafts are also made available. Busy summer already?

Theatre Workshops: Did you ever see that shimmer of a mini Shakespeare in your child? Time to take the creativity beyond school plays and nuture talent young. NCPA presents a selection of 27 exciting workshops adding the joy of origami, the energy of Kalaripayattu, exploring Indian music, creating comics, as well as retaining some of the enduring favourites since the inception in 2010. Furthermore, Shiamak Davar’s group comes on board with three magical dance workshops for children of all ages. A month long workshop, this one is sure to keep kids of all ages hooked!

For the sporty type: Football fever is coming to town soon. Give your child a taste of it in advance! The FC Barcelona Football Summer Camp from 28th May to 1st June is a perfect way to teach your child secrets of the Barça style and also the “on and off the pitch” tools necessary to succeed in football and life. The FCBCamps are of the highest international standard and are regarded as a pioneer model in football training. This year’s camp will have 2 FCB Head Coaches from Spain along with 6 FCBEscola coaches execute the camp. . The camps will be conducted under the supervision of David Jaray, the Technical Director of the FCBEscola Delhi NCR, the official football school of FCBarcelona.

Explore our heritage: Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai Museum invites families to come together to explore special sessions designed to offer more insights into history. Beginning every Friday from the 3rd to 31st of May, you can discover a host of activities such as Curating Exhibitions, pottery, Rangmala paintings, Mumbai’s communities and Raj silver. Combined with an in-depth understanding into each of the topics, the essence is also to try a hand at creating your own piece of history to display on your mantle shelf!

Although the list above is to help your kids make the best of the holidays and indulge in an activity that will help develop their best potential, as a parent it is important that you spend an equal amount of quality time with your child! After all, those are the best memoires you can create!

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Written by Smita Diwan

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